OHL Asset Inspection Basics – Alternative Materials

  • Course level: Beginner


Welcome to Revo Certified basic overhead line asset inspection training course. This online component covers the inspection basics that are specific to concrete, steel and fibreglass poles.

For inspection elements like pole top hardware, pole lean, etc. we recommend doing the Visual Inspection Basics course, or just the full course which has everything in it you would want to get going as an inspector.

We recommend yearly refresher training to maintain certification, and hence the provided certificate is only valid for one year.  

Please note that we can also provide group pricing, client-specific customisation, and training, and we can even build a course that is specific for your utility.

The slide handouts for each module can be downloaded from the first lesson in each module.

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This course is designed to improve significantly on the Australian UETTDREL18 Certificate II course. It focusses on having the students reach a higher level of understanding as to what they are doing and why, and covers a wider range of inspection scenarios.  There is a focus on how and why different defects occur and their criticality to public and worker safety and the ongoing reliability of the network.

We also introduce the full range of traditional and currently available NDT techniques, so the inspectors are aware of the pros and cons of each, which allows them to be more engaged in assessment and use of the techniques.

We have elected to offer the course as a non-RTO training workshop as it allows us more flexibility to tailor for specific customers, but also to keep up with technology at a much faster rate than what the RTO program offers.

In-Person Training Scope

We also recommend consolidating and building on this training by having us come to your location and provide further training on the following (or you can come to us);

  • – Criticality assessment
  • – Sounding techniques
  • – Diameter measurement, including what to do with lots of obstructions
  • – How to take photos for maximum usefulness to the asset managers
  • – Above ground visual inspection techniques
  • – Typical loads, calculation basics, and how to handle Pi structures, stay poles, pole-and-a-half structures, etc.
  • – Basics of risk assessment
  • – Q&A time to cover any questions that students have that are specific to their utility

This is best done after completing all the elements of the online pole inspector course. It will also involve a practical exam that must be satisfactorily completed to be certified in the full course.

What Will I Learn?

  • Better understanding of overhead line inspection requirements for alternative pole materials.
OHL Asset Inspection Training - Alternate Material

Material Includes

  • Slide handouts are included
  • Video lessons on each topic
  • An invitation into the exclusive LinkedIn and Facebook groups for graduates


  • No specific requirements.
  • Designed for beginners and experienced inspectors.

Target Audience

  • Pole Inspectors
  • Overhead Line Asset Inspectors
  • Asset Managers
  • Asset Engineers
  • Regulators
  • Asset Owners
  • Supervisors
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