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Thank you for attending our stand at the expo. This page has been designed to give you a bit more info about us and about the banner you scanned today.

Revo Group is a leading provider of niche asset inspection equipment and services in Oceania, SE Asia and around the world. Our highly experienced Engineers and Asset Inspectors provide forensic, expert witness, asset management, design, training and inspection services, software and technology.

Our services are provided primarily to heavy industries such as mining, power utilities, oil & gas, roads, rail, aerospace and maritime. We have been in business since 2001, recently renaming to Revo Group after the acquisition of 2 other specialist firms.

For more information of where our products/services are applicable, the key below gives a description of each number in the drawing, and the letter afterwards relate to the services/devices that we provide to each.

S = Steel Inspection, including Innerspec and RLS NDT devices.

W = Wood Inspection, including PortaSCAN, inspector and designer training.

C = Concrete Inspection, including inspector and designer training.

SL = Structural Lines and PY-Pole, including inspector and asset manager training and system development.

E = Engineering consulting services.

Revo Land Banner Key

  1. Farming Infrastructure – S, W, C, SL, E
  2. Solar Farm – S, W, C, SL, E
  3. Substations – S, W, C, SL, E
  4. Wind Farms – S, W, C, SL, E
  5. Hydro Power Station – S, C, SL, E
  6. Hydro Power Pipes – S, C, SL
  7. Potable Water Pipes – S, C, SL
  8. Potable Water Tanks – S, C, SL
  9. High Voltage Towers – S, C, SL, E
  10. High Voltage Poles – S, C, SL, E
  11. Substation & Distribution OHL – S, W, C, SL, E
  12. Underground Power – E
  13. Oil & Gas Refineries – S, C, SL
  14. Heavy Industrial – S, C, SL, E
  15. Oil & Gas Pipelines – S, C, SL, E
  16. Oil & Gas Storage Facilities – S, C, SL, E
  17. Commercial Wharves & Jetties – S, W, C, SL, E
  18. Heavy Haulage/Material Handling – S, SL
  19. Commercial Infrastructure – S, W, C, SL, E
  20. Residential & Light Commercial – S, W, C, SL, E
  21. Public Wharves & Jetties – S, W, C, SL, E
  22. Industrial Jetties – S, W, C, SL, E
  23. Bulk Storage – S, C, SL, E
  24. Rail Rolling Stock – S, SL
  25. Rail Track – S, SL
  26. Recreation Infrastructure – S, W, C, SL, E
  27. Mining & Mineral Processing – S, C, SL, E
  28. Aviation – S, W, SL
  29. Bridges – S, W, C, SL, E
  30. Communication Towers – S, W, C, E
  31. Drone Inspections – S, W, C, E

Revo Group Values

Our People: Be safe, get home safely, encourage safety, speak up about it and remind ourselves what’s important; that starts with family.

Each Other: Be humble, honest and respectful at all times. Be flexible to new ideas and have open communication and encouragement.

Surrounds: Respect our planet, ourselves, our clients and the workplace.

What We Do: Reputation before revenue; it’s the standard we set and the trust we build that makes it satisfying.

Being Better: Improve what we do, challenge the status quo and show the world what cool stuff we can deliver.

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