What was Revo Group contracted to do?

Ipswich City Council reengaged Revo Group to inspect over 2000 streetlights within the region, using a range of top-of-the-line Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection technology.

The Ipswich City Council serves a population of over 210 000 and is estimated to continue to grow rapidly. With a Council area of 1090 square kilometres, the streetlights provide an essential service to the Ipswich population.

Ipswich City Council approached the team at Revo Group due to previous experience working with our inspection team (formerly as PortaCAT Industries).

What was achieved and how did we do it?

The previous processes used by the Council to inspect their streetlight assets involved the use of basic inspection techniques. These basic techniques resulted in minimal and limited data capture. After initial consultation, we were able to present and implement a new inspection process. This process integrated a platform of technology, software and inspector expertise for the review of each pole.

This new platform enabled us to reduce the Council’s inspection workload while providing accurate, in-depth and reliable data on each streetlight. This data is captured digitally to maintain safe storage of all the data in one location. Digital data also enables quick access to results and calculations.

For more information on the technology and software employed by Revo Group, check out the project profile at the bottom of the page.

Revo Group Asset Inspection Services

Benefits of the work completed?

With Revo Group completing the inspection program, our processes took a large amount of the workload off the Council’s shoulders. The Ipswich City Council only needed to provide a list of the parks where they believed the poles were located. After this, our team went into the field, mapped the exact location of the pole, numbered it for future reference, and completed the inspection. Any defect recorded was then immediately and automatically advised to the Council through our Structural Lines software.

Throughout each campaign of inspections we provide an online reporting tool for the Council outlining this data, any calculations completed and overall structure outcome, which they can access at any time. The platform implemented by Revo means that the Council staff also automatically receive an email if a pole is deemed unserviceable, cutting down on communication delays and improving response times to replace the pole.

By working with Revo Group, the Ispwich City Council now has greater knowledge of their streetlight assets. This increased information provides for greater analysis of their asset base including a serviceability rating. In turn, this allows the Council to make better decisions regarding risk management and future planning.

How can Revo Group help you?

Revo Group specialises in NDT pole inspections of any type, including information capture and reporting. We have a dedicated group of trained inspectors to help you with your inspection needs. We also assist Innerspec customers with specialist services as required.

To find out more information on this project and the tools we used to upgrade the Council’s inspection process, click the button below to download the Project Profile.

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