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Our Structural Lines platform for asset inspection, reporting and work programming is specifically designed for the inspection of overhead power lines, streetlights and substations. Its ease of adaption has allowed us to quickly and cost effectively build solutions for the rail industry and bridges. In addition to this, we have also built our pole foundation design calculator on the same platform.

Video: Development of Ausgrid WebPEC Foundation Design Software

P-Y Pole Foundation Calculator

Backed by more than 80 years combined experienced in the inspection and utilities industry, it has all the tools you need without compromise. We are the only provider that can do full offline loading calculations on your poles on the spot! This will give you a greater cost-benefit return than any other single improvement to any part of your inspection process.

Is your company using more software platforms than your team can wrap their head around? Does your data end up in a million different places, making it impossible to keep track of?

Software and data are both vital to any asset management or inspection solution. Revo Group has expertise in a range of software and data platforms. That means we can agnostically advise on the best setup for your team. One of our most important services involves our ability to help your team scope out your requirements to make sure you are focused on what your systems should look like, and how to get from where you are today to where you want to be in 5-, 10- or 15-years’ time.

Creating streamlined and efficient software and data systems is a regularly overlooked aspect of an asset management system. In the rush of getting work done, adding one more platform here or there doesn’t sound like a bad idea. That is, until you take a step back and realise that people in the same department are using different platforms that could do the same thing.

It can also seem easier to stick with the systems already in place. However, using outdated systems often leads to frustrated staff, lost data, confusing results, or money lost in additional maintenance, training or wasted time.

Who are we?

We are experts in inspection software, overhead line design, inspection services and asset management. Our team has spent over 80 years working with a range of different clients to meet their software and data needs. Whether your company is looking for a complete overhaul, to integrate a new platform, or to simply streamline your processes, our team can help you. We are completely focused on meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations, not on selling you another license or configuration service (which are normally the biggest cost to utilities).

At Revo Group, we are always striving to keep ahead of the competition for inspection and engineering software. Our team has worked with a range of clients across a variety of industries including rail, aerospace, power utilities and general infrastructure. We specialise in inspection software, external scoping pole foundation design software, big data analytics, reporting, Quality Assurance (QA) and auditing.

Engineering and Inspection Software

How we do what we do?

Our team understands the often-complex nature of data and software systems in an organisation. Our pre-built solutions mean that you do not have to start from scratch, it is all there ready to go. But we do understand that everyone and every situation is different. That is why the services and solutions we offer can be easily tailored to your specific set of circumstances. Our tailoring is orders of magnitude more cost effective than building you own from scratch, or even using a form builder for inspections. Plus, you will get far more functionality from our system.

Up-front costs, storage alternatives, accessibility, scalability, ease of use and teachability are all important factors that we consider in our solutions.

At Revo Group, we focus on providing solutions based on the software that we know is best. We have a system of scoping, interviews and collaboration that help your business decide on which software is best for you and your team.

The Revo Group Difference

In the past, companies have either had to invest large sums of money into convoluted and massive data systems and configurations or dealt with outdated systems. However, far better options now exist! Our software and data services will help solve a range of business problems, creating easy to use, versatile and streamlined solutions to design and visualise your assets.

External Scoping Icon

External Scoping

“You don’t know what you don’t know”. Our scoping services help you identify the underlying problem and look into the future for what your solution needs to be, identifying aspects that are invisible due to proximity blindness.

Inspection Software Field Mobility Icon

Inspection Software (Field Mobility)

Structural Lines can capture all your field data, calculate design loads (True Serviceability), manage works and close the loop on all aspects of inspection, reporting and remediation.

Foundation Design Icon

PY-Pole: Foundation Design Software

After considerable research and development, our foundation calculator is accurate, fast and simple. It helps to save millions every year through more efficient foundations than the Brinch Hansen method.

Line Design Software Icon

OHL Design Software

We can help set up libraries, provide audits on existing libraries, or provide advice on the most appropriate solution for your needs, including digital twin systems.

Big Data Analytics Icon

Big Data Analytics

We can mine your data to look at trends and provide advice on ongoing or potential issues. Our engineering experience allows us to narrow in on the actual issues quicker than anyone else.

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We have a range of reporting options for our software. We can also help set up PowerBI, reporting services and other systems to assist you in visualising your data.

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QA Software

We have solutions to enable utilities to efficiently deploy QA systems for their inspections. Our team can also perform back-office QA on the data

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We can provide external auditing services to review your current systems and compare against industry benchmarks.

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