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We specialise in turning the unknown into the known. And we use world-leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) tools to help us accomplish this. Our team is passionate about helping you understand your assets so you can make better, more informed decisions. We want you, the people around you and the public to have confidence in the integrity of assets under your control.

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What underpins that assurance is NDT and this forms a vital part of asset maintenance. NDT covers a huge array of different techniques and tools that can be employed for condition assessment of an item – whether a single element of an asset, or its entirety.

These tools vary in degrees of sophistication, expense, training required, time taken to perform an inspection (some can be used to remote monitor), and efficacy.

At Revo Group, we stay on the cutting edge of NDT so you don’t have to. Whatever industry you are in, you can rely on our expertise to point you in the right direction, whether it’s our tool or someone else’s.

What an instrument tells you about what you’re testing is the most important aspect of an inspection. In this regard, Non-Destructive Testing is beneficial if you are using the right tools, in the right way for the right job. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Picking the right tool for your situation is challenging, but worth spending the time and effort on. Use our experience and knowledge to help you, the asset owner, specify, test and determine the best methods and tools for your inspection process.

Who are we?

Our team has over 80 years’ experience providing specialist asset inspection services. We specialise in the use of NDT tools to detect hidden decay, borer and insect attack in timber structures, and many types of defects in metal structures such as corrosion, cracking, weld defects, and even bacterial attacks. We also have considerable experience with a range of methods for concrete inspection and are acticely exploring fibre reinforced polymer NDT solutions. At Revo Group, we pride ourselves on reaching the best outcome for each project we undertake. To do this, our process involves:

1. Clearly defining the project objectives;
2. Outlining your organisation’s requirements for inspections;
3. Reporting and data synchronisation;
4. Maintaining communication; and
5. Ensuring that all requirements are met upon delivery.

We pride ourselves on creating a revolution in reliability. This means we use our expertise in asset inspection, NDT technology, engineering and remediation to ensure the maximum safety and reliability for your asset with lowest cost of ownership. In addition to developing our own PortaSCAN CA device and selling a range of Innerspec NDT tools, we also provide training, consumables, R&D, technical assistance and inspection services from our highly trained team of NDT Technicians.

Rail & Pipe Metal Inspection

How we do what we do?

Our team of trained asset inspectors combine your needs, industry experience, best practises and the latest innovations in technology to provide an impartial evaluation of your current inspection processes and tools, and inform you of the best NDT tool(s) for your organisation. We have experience across a range of sectors including power, oil and gas, mining, rail and aero.

We are also the Australian, New Zealand and South-East Asian agents for Innerspec Technologies. Innerspec produce a range of ultrasonic dry coupled and EMAT instruments and robotics for mills, manufacturing and general inspection. At Revo Group, one of our services employs Innerspec’s technology to detect hidden corrosion in a range of metal components. The most common steel and aluminium elements tested with NDT technology are pipes, plates, poles, streetlights, rail wheels, and other large-scale steel structures.

Proudly made by us in Australia, the PortaSCAN is the latest model in our range of portable density gauges used to identify variations in timber density. This portable device is a safe, simple and fast tool to assist inspectors in understanding what lies beneath the surface of the timber they are examining. The most common timber elements tested with the PortaSCAN are poles, crossarms, beams, CLT, Glulam, posts and other heavily structural elements. We see more of the issues without destructively drilling the wood.

PortaSCAN CA Innerspec Volta Inspection Tool

For overhead line faults, we also use the UDS-10 ultrasonic device to detect corona, tracking and arcing issues. These are apparent to the UDS-10 even before other techniques can pick them up. This saves time and expenses in ensuring planning, monitoring and replacement occurs as scheduled, rather than emergency maintenance.

The Revo Group Difference

Revo Group provides NDT tools for a range of different asset inspections. By combining both our in-house tools and the most-innovative third-party tools, our inspection team can provide you with the best tools for your organisation. Our tailored selection process provides you with the confidence that the tools for your organisation. Our tailored selection process provides you with the confidence that the tools chosen are right for you and your team.

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