Break Test Rig

Are you wanting to gain a greater understanding of your poles before installation or once they’re removed? Do you need to know more about the structural integrity of your wood, steel, concrete or fibreglass power poles?

Break Test Rig Australia
Revo Group Pole Testing Rig

Based on the experience of testing more than 1000 power poles of all shapes and sizes, our team designed and built a container-based test rig that we can ship anywhere in the world.

We use this rig to test poles, beams, crossarms, streetlights and similar linear members. The rig is designed to be very simple yet extremely powerful and accurate.

Why Revo Group’s Test Rig?

Our team has built their careers on answering asset questions which are unknown by the asset owner. This enables us to recognise a range of pain points that asset owners face with power poles. From speaking to our customers and others in the field, we have designed a test rig that meets the needs for accurate testing that aligns with the AS/NZS 7000 standards and can be adjusted for other standards around the world.

We combine hydraulic load application, multi-camera videography, and real-time load and deformation data logging to enable us to produce lab-quality data for large structural elements. The testing is used for:

  1. Product design validation.
  2. Quality Assurance (QA).
  3. Research & Development
    e.g. destructive testing to verify NDT/NDE tool results, verification of residual fibre strength, etc.
  4. Aged material strength verification.

The Revo Group Test Rig is primarily developed for testing wood, concrete, steel and fibreglass poles of all lengths, shapes and sizes, old and new. We can also apply a point load of up to 400kN, which is equivalent to a horizontal tip load of around 80kN on a 11m pole.

The portability of the design makes it easy to store and take to the poles, which is usually much more practical and cost effective than sending the poles to a fixed rig. Contact Revo Group for more information about how to hire the test rig.

NDT Tool Testing with Test Rig

What is a key differentiator of our Break Test Rig?

Our container-based test rig makes it more practical than ever before to gather valuable information about the state of the poles in your networks. The portability of the Test Rig means we can deliver it to your ideal locaiton much more efficiently and cost effectively than transporting the poles themselves.

The Revo Group Difference

Our team is dedicated to reaching our mission of creating a revolution on reliability. To achieve this mission, we stay on the cutting edge to deliver exceptional service that you can trust.

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