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Revo Group is a leading provider of niche asset inspection equipment and services. We specialise in the use of world-leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology to detect hidden decay, insect and borer attack in wood and timber structures, and corrosion in steel structures.

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It is imperative to determine which specific NDT tool(s) provide the best solution for your situation. Our specialty is helping asset owners test and determine the best methods for their inspections.

The most common timber elements are power poles, beams, posts, CLT, Glulam and other heavily loaded elements that are traditionally destructively drilled. The most common steel elements are pipes, poles, streetlights, plates, tanks, bolts, rail wheels and other large-scale steel structures.

At Revo Group, we know there is no such thing as a cookie cutter approach when it comes to inspections. Every set of assets are different, and often present unique challenges.

Who are we?

Our team has over 80 years’ experience providing specialist inspection services across a range of sectors. We have assisted a variety of utilities, councils, oil & gas, mining, commercial and other asset owners with their unique inspection needs. Whether it be for urgent or non-urgent projects, our extensive resources and adaptable team means we can provide full service or tailored responses to your requirements.

A regularly overlooked aspect of IT systems is developing reporting that easily and quickly informs the business about key factors it needs to make insightful decisions. That is why our aim at Revo Group is to provide in-depth and efficient reporting options across all inspections and platforms. The goal of NDT is to gather conditional information about an asset to inform on safety issues, Quality Assurance (QA), accident prevention, product integrity, risk categorisation, and condition monitoring to best practises and standards.

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How we do what we do?

At Revo Group, we combine experience, best practises and innovative technology to provide the most appropriate and effective inspection services for your job. Whilst we distribute and support some NDT devices, we also have a range of other devices that we use depending on the situation. Examples include a regular UT gauge or phased array device to quantify thickness loss detected with a VOLTA MRUT-A system.

As technology continues to improve, new NDT tools become available that can improve your inspection process, costs and results. By staying on the cutting edge of NDT, we can assist you with all your condition inspection needs. We can also provide you with a range of data reporting formats from a digital twin-style visualisation to standard PDF reports, or a database for querying and running reports on.

The Revo Group Difference

Revo Group provides inspection services across a range of different industries. This wide range of experience combined with our expertise and adaptability means our inspection team can provide you with the best service for your money. Our tailored reporting and database services provides you with the platform to achieve results in the format that best suits your requirements and circumstances.

Overhead Power Lines & Poles

Overhead Power Lines/Poles

Have confidence in the outcomes of your traditional and NDT inspection results. We inspect any material to any specification.

Bridge Inspection Icon


We are bridge inspection qualified to Level 2. We can provide photogrammetry & lidar digital twin.

Wharves and Jetties Icon


Inspection of steel, concrete and timber structural elements with visual and NDT methods. Digital twin capabilities to assist with asset management.

Tanks & Pipes Inspection Icon

Tanks & Pipes

Our EMAT inspection services provide fast, 100% volume scanning of tanks and pipes which makes detection and treatment far more cost effective and timely.

Rail - Train and Tracks Inspections Icon


Operational efficiency and risk minimisation from rail welds to residual stress in rail wheels, locomotives and rolling stocks.

Oil and Gas Pipelines Icon

We use EMAT to do fast, full volume screening for corrosion and erosion. Quickly get a condition assessment of the entire length of pipe, including pipe supports.

Automotive Inspection Icon


We use Mag Particles and Dye penetrant testing to check for defects in your automotive parts. Our team also uses EMAT for automated weld checks.

Industrial Inspection Icon


At Revo Group, we can use a suite of tools to inspect all your wood, steel and concrete assets to the highest standards.

Training Icon

Audit & Training

Our expert team can provide training for the RLS Meter, Innerspec and PortaSCAN inspection tools. We also deliver market-leading overhead line inspector training.

Quality Assurance Icon

Quality Assurance

Independent QA inspection services to ensure your inspectors are maintaining expected quality levels and reporting.

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