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We specialise in turning the unknown into the known. Are you looking for a greater understanding of your asset base? Would you like to know more about the issues with your overhead lines in advance?

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At Revo Group, our trained and experienced staff are experts in the inspection of overhead lines and poles using world-leading Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technology. This tech, in the right hands, is used to accurately detect hidden decay, insect and borer attacks in wood structures and corrosion in steel elements. NDT tools are also used in our overhead line fault investigations, detecting a range of issues before other techniques can pick them up.

Routine asset inspections are a key part of asset management and provide essential data into Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) systems. Regular asset inspections help you to catch defects and potential hazards before they become a problem. With the right inspection process, policies, software and data analysis, asset management decision making becomes a breeze!

Why are overhead inspections important in the field?

The Australian power network is heavily reliant on overhead power lines, poles and transmission towers. Many of these assets are at an age where failure risk is drastically increased. As power poles reach the end of their estimated life expectancy, regular inspection and maintenance becomes pivotal in keeping the network online.

Many wood pole inspections are still based on outdated techniques and require damaging boreholes. While a few boreholes have minimal effect on structural integrity, it can add up when there are multiple holes within a 300-500mm length of pole near ground line. With serviceability already a risk with an aging asset base, more drilling through the treated barrier is a risk not worth taking when there are alternative methods available.


While our inspectors are skilled in a range of tools and techniques, here is a quick rundown on a few that we distribute and support.


Proudly made by us in Australia, the PortaSCAN is a safe, simple and fast tool to assist inspectors in understanding what lies beneath the surface of the timber they are examining. This portable density gauge is used to detect variations in timber density in both poles and crossarms.


In steel assets, corrosion is the major factor in asset integrity. NDT is vital for inspecting steel power poles as traditional methods (e.g. visual and/or UT gauge) are being proven ineffective at correctly informing product integrity, Quality Assurance (QA) and risk mitigation. By using Innerspec EMAT equipment and the RLS Meter, we can safely inspect steel power line elements without the need for excavation. These tools make inspecting steel assets safe and efficient, while also providing results that cannot be identified by a visual inspection. These outcomes provide for a safer and more reliable network that have real world impacts.


According to research from 2017, fires started from an electrical source account for 14% of areas burnt by fire. With the severity and regularity of fires increasing over recent years, it is becoming more imperative than ever to inspect power lines for areas of weakness or faults. For finding these faults, our team uses the UDS-10 ultrasonic device for the detection of corona, tracking and arcing issues. The advanced microphones and processing in the UDS-10 picks up these faults faster than other techniques, saving time and expense.

Overhead Line Inspection Tools

What is a key differentiator of our overhead inspection services?

With over 80 years’ combined experience providing both inspection and engineering services in the field of overhead power networks, our team has the experience, knowledge and training that you can trust. We combine best practises with a range of NDT tools and techniques to ensure a strong and complete inspection assessment for overhead line/pole assets. As a result, we craft an inspection routine that provides comprehensive reporting to better inform decision making.

Although we develop the PortaSCAN and distribute Innerspec’s technology, we pride ourselves on providing you with an agnostic service. This means you will find our advice, assessments and consultancy is focused on providing you with the best outcome that aligns with your requirements.

As Revo Group works across all segments of the inspection process, from developing NDT technology to providing unrivalled inspection services, you can be confident that we provide the best solution tailored to your exact needs.

The Revo Group Difference

At Revo Group, our trained inspectors work with you to deliver an inspection service that fits your unique requirements. Whether that involves inspection and data collection, data interpretation and reporting, or the supply of high tech, easy to use NDT tools. By tailoring our service to you, you can be assured that your project is undertaken to the highest standard ensuring you achieve the desired outcomes.

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