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NDT Inspections of Pipelines

Pipelines are used across the world to transport a whole range of materials, from gas to liquids such as oil, slurry, and water. In Australia alone, there are more than 39,000 kilometres of high-pressure pipelines. These pipes provide a range of unique inspection...

Powercor Steel Termination Poles – Project Profile

What was Revo Group contracted to do?CitiPower & Powercor engaged Revo Group to assist in the assessment of several uniquely fabricated 66kV steel termination poles. The assessment was to include calculating the remaining strength and serviceability of the poles....

How to Select the Best Foundation Material for Your Timber Retaining Wall

Timber retaining walls are used to support a wide range of geotechnical features. The last few years has seen an increase in the number of issues relating to timber post retaining walls. This is mainly due to many retaining walls built pre-1980-1990 nearing the end of...

February 2022 OHLD Online Seminars

After positive feedback and high demand, we are excited to announce that we will be running a second Overhead Line Design (OHLD) online seminar series in February! Like the seminars we ran last September, this course is perfect for those who want to up-skill their OHL...

Comparison of P-Y and Brinch Hansen in Foundation Design of Poles

With the new AS/NZS 7000 standards coming into effect in 2016, many utilities saw their pole foundation requirements increasing in depth and diameter. As a result, designers and site crew lost faith in the software being used. Revo Group has developed a new pole...

Ettalong Beach Stay Wire – Project Profile

What was Revo Group contracted to do?Revo Group was contacted by Navara Projects to see if it was possible to remove a stay wire and ground anchor from a private property. The ground anchor was located approximately 8 metres inside the property boundary. Our...

Decay Issues in Your Wood Pole Network

Learn more about the major decay issues in your wood pole network, the importance of inspections and how to best test your network.

Overhead Line Design Online Seminar Series

Want to up-skill your OHL Design? Keen to gain insight into the issues we see and how to avoid them? Due to the extended lockdowns, we will be running a shortened version of our regular face-to-face course via four online seminars. Unlike most online courses, this one...

Ipswich City Council Streetlight Inspections – Project Profile

Revo Group completed an inspection of over 2000 streetlights in the Ipswich City Council territory. We applied a process integrating NDT tech.

How To Properly Assess NDT Techniques for Overhead Line Inspections

Non-destructive testing (NDT), sometimes referred to as non-destructive evaluation (NDE), is used in overhead line inspections to test for and analyse defects in a structure or asset. Without an effective NDT inspection strategy in place, overhead line networks are at...

Practical OHL Inspector Training & Certification

We conduct specialist training for pole inspectors based on a tailored program.

Practical OHL Designer Training & PLP Support

Training by experienced OHL designers with extensive knowledge.

Industries We Serve

Electrical T&D, Telecom

  • Engineering expertise
  • Inspector training and certification
  • OHL design, software & training
  • Inspection software
  • NDT tools for timber and steel inspection
  • Forensic investigation
  • Policy review/development

Oil & Gas

  • CUPS inspection
  • Full length volumetric inspection of pipes from 50mm-1200mm+ Diameter
  • CUI Inspection
  • LRUT inspection using EMAT Magnetostrictive Technology (higher accuracy)
  • Boiler tubes
  • Rail heads
  • Weld Inspection
  • In-line manufacturing QA
  • Training & Support

Rail, Mining & Mineral Processing

  • Residual Stress measurement in rail wheels
  • Rail weld inspection
  • Rail head inspection
  • Culvert/bridge inspection
  • Full thickness, full circumference tank inspection while in operation
  • Pipes: CUI, CUPS inspection equipment & support
  • Overhead power line/pole line inspection, condition assessment, risk assessment and life expectancy
  • General corrosion inspection


  • ERW volumetric in-line inspection
  • Any shape in-line thickness & defect/inclusion inspection
  • Volumetric plate defect inspection
  • Fabrication weld inspection
  • Fully and semi-automated systems
  • Reduce costs and save money by increasing accuracy, speed and reducing downtime

Local Government

  • Street light inspection and asset management tools, databases and services
  • Forensic investigation
  • Inspector training and certification

Defence, Aviation & Aerospace

  • Full thickness, full circumference tank inspection while in operation
  • Pipes: CUI, CUPS inspection equipment & support
  • Residual stress measurement
  • Bolt load measurement
  • Private overhead power line/pole line inspection, condition assessment, risk assessment and life expectancy
  • General corrosion inspection

Our Clients

We service all the electrical utilities in Australia, New Zealand and around the world, plus a range of mines, councils, oil & gas producers, private land owners, and other asset owners.

We are active on national and international committees which helps us keep ahead of the game and brings you the benefit of a breadth of experience.

Revo Group

Revo Group was formed from a merger of three specialist businesses: URI Engineering, Structural Lines and PortaCAT Industries. This merger allows us to provide services that no other company can provide, due to our unmatched collection of very specific skills and experience.

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