Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is predicated on our values of respecting each other and being better at what we do.  This extends to customers who use our software and people who visit our website.  Whilst we will never provide your information to any other party without your consent, it’s worth knowing that if you have any questions or issues, please contact us on admin@revogroupau.com.  This allows us to deal with any matter professionally and privately.

If you have questions about accessing or correcting your personal data or any other privacy issue related to this website, the applications we deliver, the software we use, or any reporting that occurs, please contact us at admin@revogroupau.com.  For ease, in this policy, we refer to Revo Group Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries as (“Revo”) as we operate several websites and Apps.  It is Revo’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information that we may collect while you utilize our websites, products, and services.

Like most visitors who come to a website, we may collect information about you that is non-identifiable i.e. nobody, including us, can determine who you are and where you are from without you providing those details to us and with your consent.  In the case of some of our software, we do capture your IP (“Internet Protocol”) address to ensure it corresponds to ones that are allowable for security purposes. 

If you leave a comment or request for more information from our website then that information will come to us with whatever personal details you include.  In terms of the software where we set you up as a user, this is captured for you to use our products and services and to allow the interaction with the software we produce. 

We only capture this information to ensure the necessary operation of our website and/or software to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with Revo.  Revo does not disclose personally-identifying information other than as described below.  You may choose to refuse to supply Revo your personal details, however, you must be aware that doing so may prevent our products and services from working.  We take no responsibility if this occurs as it is a decision that you make, as a visitor or user, and we tell you this so you have an awareness of the flow-on effect.

Revo only provides your personal details to our employees and to contractors or affiliated organisations:

  • that need to know that information for processing the services that you request, whichever platform or interface you use; and
  • they have agreed not to disclose it to others.

The information we capture about you is generally stored in the country you interact with us in, although some of the employees, contractors, and affiliated organisations are located outside of your home country.  We will advise you prior to collecting any personal information if this is the case.

Revo will never rent or sell your personal information to anyone other than to deliver the products and/or services you request where you provide prior consent to do so.

Otherwise, Revo will only provide your personal details to a third party in the case where we are required by law, through the issue of a subpoena or other Court instrument, to do so; or when Revo believes in good faith that disclosure is reasonably necessary to protect the property or rights of our business, responsible third parties or the public at large.  

If you have signed up for information from us, either by social media or an alternative platform then we may occasionally send you an email comprising information applicable to your interaction with us.  It is uncommon for us to send this information to you directly but if we consider it important enough then we’ll tell you. 

If you wish to opt-out of these communications then please advise us directly, although if we consider the email to be of sufficient importance to you e.g. a major update of the website or platform, then we reserve the right to inform you as there are likely to be valid reasons for doing so.

When you share your personal information with us, we take all reasonable measures to protect against any unauthorised access, amendment, use, sharing, or destroying of this information.  You may ask us at any time to update or delete any information related to you that you believe is incorrect or you wish us to no longer have access to and this must be advised to us at admin@revogroupau.com so we can attend to the request.  In some cases, we maintain historical data and, if this occurs due to legislation or some other requirement outside of our control, then we will advise you that this is the case.

We may use a cookie when interacting with you on our website.  A cookie is a small file downloaded onto your computer for a temporary collection of non-personal data and it helps with your experience on our website.  This may be information relevant to your interaction that allows for progress from one web page to another or for recalling this information for a secondary purpose.  When we do this, we will inform you, but also you may wish to change your preferences in your web browser to not accept cookies from us.  The risk is that our website/s may not work properly if this setting is activated.

In the event you transfer from our website to another party’s website we cannot guarantee the same privacy settings or policy and you will need to examine these for yourself.

In the case where Revo Group and/or its subsidiaries are placed into administration or receivership we will maintain the privacy of your data to the best of our abilities and, if any changes do occur as a result of these actions, we will advise you so that you can make a determination on whether you wish to continue having your personal information held by us.

We don’t use advertising on our site or as part of our interaction with you (social media sites have their own privacy policy and settings that you should ensure you’re comfortable with) and we will not interact with you in this capacity.  If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact us immediately on email admin@revogroupau.com and we will investigate.

In the event we amend this privacy policy the changes will be reflected in this web location and the onus is on you, the visitor or user to this site, to review to ensure that you are satisfied with how it refers to the information we use or hold about you.

This website uses cookies and may use your personal data to enhance your browsing experience only.