Want to up-skill your OHL Design? Keen to gain insight into the issues we see and how to avoid them? Due to the extended lockdowns, we will be running a shortened version of our regular face-to-face course via four online seminars. Unlike most online courses, this one has a strong focus on practical outcomes, constructability and efficiency in design and construction.

Rather than having to sit through one long day of training (we know how much longer training feels virtually!), we are splitting the training up across 4 days, with a 2-hour session on each day (max). We will be running the training live from Monday September 6th to Thursday September 9th. Don’t despair if you can’t make it live as you can watch the recordings at a time that suits you.

Our goal with this training course is to offer an introduction to what is our full in-person course on overhead line design. The full training will take place over 3 days and include more details, topics, field excursions, worked examples and quizzes.

More about the seminars.

This four-session online seminar is intended to cover electrical and structural aspects of detailed line design. We developed this course as overhead lines are an essential element of Australian infrastructure, delivering energy around the country. While there are other line design courses, this one is intended to cover both the structural and electrical aspects in a practical rather than principles-first manner.

It has been developed after many years of observing and noting the gaps in knowledge within the OHLD industry, with a focus on helping the industry become more unified in the outcomes for all our clients. You will also be provided with a pdf including all of the material presented over the four sessions.

The full in-person course will be 3 days and include lots more detail, cover more topics, field excursions, worked examples and quizzes. And it will come with a price tag to suit.

These seminars are only $198 per person including GST, a great bargain. Especially given what you might save on your next project!

Who should attend?

These seminars are ideally suited for OHL designers of all skill levels, but particularly those that are relatively new to the design space. There will be a Q&A discussion session at the end of each seminar that will no doubt include some great technical discussions.
Seminar 1
  • Why do we need Overhead Line Design?
  • Limit state design and OHLD.
  • Types of loads.
  • Material strengths.
Seminar 2
  • Standards and their hierarchy.
  • Components of an OHLD and their relationships.
  • Robust line design.
Seminar 3
  • Conductors and conductor stringing.
  • Common failure modes of conductors and how to avoid them.
  • Stays.
Seminar 4
  • Typical design requirements and outputs.
  • Environmental engineering.
  • Geotechnical engineering.
  • Earthing.
  • OHLD software.

Training provider’s profile

This training course will be conducted by Grant Bailey. Grant has 17 years’ experience within Ausgrid, with roles across the full range of distribution and sub-transmission design. He was on the AS/NZS 7000 standards committee, has expertise in the various uses of Lidar in OHL design and management, and was an ASP3 trainer within Ausgrid before his departure. Grant is also well versed in line design software such as TL Pro, Neara (formerly PowerLines Pro), Poles & Wires, and PLS CADD. He is also a qualified schoolteacher, family man, foodie and all-round nice guy.

Grant Bailey’s qualifications and memberships include:

  • Qualified Supervisors Certificate – Electrician
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering BEng (Hons II) University of Newcastle.
  • Master of Business – University of Newcastle
  • Master of Teaching – University of Newcastle
  • CertIV in Training and Assessment
  • Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia (MIEAust).
  • National Engineers Register – Electrical (NER).
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Engineers Australia (RPEng).
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