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Do you need a power line design as part of your project? Do you require an accredited electrical engineer to overlook the designs? Or are you in need of an experienced team who can help you throughout the entire process?

Revo Group Power Line Design
ASP3 Designer NSW

Power lines are a vital part of Australia’s infrastructure. As a result, you need a qualified expert team behind your network. Revo Group is a ‘Level 3’ Accredited Service Provider (ASP3) in New South Wales who can assist you in any project stage or throughout the entire development.

Our experience means we can work with you on unique designs that meet all your project requirements and satisfy all the utility’s conditions. With the right ASP3 designer on your side, your power line design project will seem like a walk in the park.

Why is Power Line Design so important?

Transmission lines play a vital part in connecting and powering Australians nationwide. Without an effective design strategy, both overhead and underground power lines can not only cost millions more, but they can also be a danger to public health and safety. Our team has extensive experience working with power lines to assist in designing the most efficient and safe electrical networks.

Power line design requires regular communication between the client, designer and utility. At Revo Group, our team understands this and works with you to maintain open and clear communication on a range of projects including distribution and sub-transmission network assets, underground or overhead mains, apparatus, and substations. The amount of strategic planning and work that is required to complete a power line design job is often underestimated and understated. In fact, waiting too long to get an accredited designer on board can cost you millions of dollars over the course of the project.

Power line design is often required for a range of projects including relocation of utility assets, the development of residential property, large commercial expansions, up rating a private feeder to suit new power demands, road widening projects, the development of large-scale land sites, and alterations to mining sites that require asset relocation.

Power Line Design Experts

Underground line design also has significant complex requirements that are critical to get right to save money and time on your project.

There are three tiers in the ASP scheme in NSW. As an ASP3 company, we are qualified to design the power line assets that are required and can perform the contestable design work for you. The other two levels are ASP1 companies that build the power lines and ASP2 companies that build the connection from the utility owned assets to the customer’s assets.

What is a key differentiator of our ASP3 services?

With expertise in structural, electrical, environmental and geotechnical elements of line design, Revo Group can offer complete solutions for small electrical connections right up to high voltage transmission lines.

There is nothing worse than a project taking more time than it needs to. With projects involving power lines, there are already too many factors that can add additional time and extend the completion date. That’s why at Revo Group, we work efficiently and keep you informed through each stage of the project. From reviewing project criteria, completing the design and communicating with the utility, we work efficiently and keep you informed to reduce wasted time in each stage.

At Revo Group, we focus on delivering effective and safe power line design solutions based on industry standards and best practices.

Are you confused about what you require to facilitate your electrical connection or relocation? Feel free to give us a call to have a chat about your solution.

The Revo Group Difference

Our team is dedicated to reaching our mission of creating a revolution in reliability. To achieve this mission, we stay on the cutting edge of new technologies and process as we help you design safe, robust, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure. Whether you are at the pre-tender stage, are ready to talk to a Network Service Provider (NSP), or in need of an accredited ASP3, the team at Revo Group are here to help you.

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