Revo Group is the Australian, New Zealand and SE Asia distributor for Innerspec Technologies.

Innerspec Technologies is famous for its portfolio of Non-Destructive (NDT) solutions using the most advanced technology.

Video: Volta LRUT Lite – EMAT Long-Range UT

Video: Rail Wheel Residual Stress Inspection

This video shows how you can use the Innerspec EMAT probes to test the residual stress in rail wheels.

If you are serious about steel Quality Assurance (QA), pipe, tank or pole inspection, you need this contact-less, gel-free technology in your life!

Innerspec are specialists in Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) and Dry-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing (DCUT) inspection equipment. They are leaders in in-line inspections of welds, plates, rolls, rolled sections, manufactured parts, etc. Innerspec combine automated robotics with advanced EMAT sensors to provide class-leading accuracy, useability, speed and reliability.

Innerspec pioneered the use of EMAT in mobile inspection devices. The recent upgrade saw the release of the new VOLTA system, creating a major improvement in mobile inspection platforms. Many of the sensors remain the same, but the form factor of the backpack-mounted power and signal processor, all new tablet-based display, new processing software with Wi-Fi capabilities amongst a raft of other new features really raise the bar!

Revo Group are proud distributors of Innerspec equipment as it is the most versatile and robust system available on the market for LRUT, MeRUT, Magnetostrictive generation of Shear Horizontal waves, dry-coupled piezo-electric UT, EMAT UT and a range of specific set-ups for the technology.

Innerspec gear can be utilised for a range of interest purposes including rail wheel residual stress measurement, bolt load measurement, CUI, CUPS, full-depth inspection of direct buried steel power poles, gas cylinder QA, and of course, use in the SpaceX QA process.

Innerspec MRUT A Pipe Tank Inspection
MRUT-A for CUPS & full-volume pipe/tank inspection.
Innerspec MRUT C Revo Group Australia
MRUT-C shear horizontal guided waves for MeRUT and LRUT

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