Neara (formerly Power Lines Pro)

Do you want to bring your power asset management into the 21st century? Are you looking to build or improve your digital twin? Do you want to train your team on how to use Neara, or need assistance in setting it up properly?

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Neara for Power Line Design and Inspection

At Revo Group, we can use a range of design tools to complete underground and overhead line designs, including but not limited to Catan, Poles’n’wires, and PLS-CADD. And we have helped companies set up these design tools and train them on how to use them. One that we choose to use ourselves is Neara.

Neara is a next-generation, cloud-based software tool that delivers a true digital twin for your powerline assets. The software makes complext analysis, design and application accessible at every level of the infrastructure industry. It features an intuitive interface, elegant 3D visualisation, powerful import/export, and extensive graphical validation reporting.

Why is Neara important in the field?

At Revo Group, we employ Neara as part of our engineering and inspection services. By importing LiDAR and other data sources into Neara, we efficiently create scaled models of your network to produce an engineering-grade 3D model of the asset, terrain and surrounds.

The software incorporates FEA, pole deflection calculations and conductor sway simulations into its output. It can be used for stand-alone models of particular lines, or you can use it to house an entire network model including overhead and underground assets. It has auto-modelling features, LiDAR classification built in and can be used to model the aged condition of the assets. Using Neara, our team can execute engineering-grade analysis of your network, no matter the complexity or scale.

All of these features make Neara a great option for managing your entire network in a single model. With sensible data management, large networks with millions of poles and full LiDAR scans can be modelled within the software. These models can then be easily accessed by your design and asset management teams across the network.

Revo Group Neara Training

What is a key differentiator of our work with Neara?

With years of experience incorporating Neara within our organisation, we recognise the impact Neara can have. Having Neara linked to our Structural Lines software means that you can get current risk assessments based on the ACTUAL condition of your network at any time. This is particularly useful for emergency design checks for replacements, when reconductoring an old line, when adding elements to existing structures, or even when tying into an older part of the network.

Additionally, we work with Neara to offer training courses for your team on how to best use Neara to manage your digital twin and make better, more informed decisions that impact your network.

While Neara may not be the solution for every business or design problem currently, we were impressed with the rate of addition of new features and their willingness to take on requests and feedback. The main thing where we add significant value is in our training courses as the documentation has trouble keeping up with the pace of development.

We are also specialists in the structural and FEA space, so we make sure that Neara is set up properly for FEA, and that the users are properly trained to take advantage of it. This isn’t an area where you want to play around if you don’t have some training.

The Revo Group Difference

Given our experience in line desing, standards development, deployment of different design packages and experience with a range of line design software, we are always happy to help with any questions that you may have in this space.

If you would like some help in training or setting up your deployment, then even better, contact us now!

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