Timber Inspection

Timber inspection has been an art form more than a science until now. The founding members of Revo Group have been actively seeking out, developing and using NDT techniques for the inspection of wood poles, bridges, piles and structural members for more than 20 years.

What we realised was twofold:

There is no one single inspection technology that can be used effectively and economically on its own to inspect wooden structures.

However, the existing techniques could be combined and complement each other to provide a range of accurate services covering the range of cost effectiveness required.

We also recognise that every structure, and every organisation is different in terms of what works best for them, based on their specific issues, species, design, constructions, etc.

As such, Revo Group was formed to bring together the expertise required to provide tailored solutions to any aspect of your system. A significant part of that is our ability to provide the NDT Toolkit, and to design inspection processes that can include any number of elements of the toolkit, other suppliers technology, or in some cases, no NDT at all (although this requires considerably more expense for the same level of reliability).

The following summarises the elements of the toolkit suggested by Revo Group:


THOR Pole Tester

The THOR Pole Tester is designed for fast and efficient on-site assessment of the condition of a timber pole .

The THOR Pole Tester is a front-line tool for quickly determining if a pole is behaving normally, or requires further analysis. This technology should not be relied upon by itself without a sound visual and below ground external assessment and sounding regime (we can help with this too).

It is designed to test from the top of the pole through to the base in a matter of seconds, providing the operator with a simple response as to the fitness to climb or to subsequently test further.

This device is able to detect varying levels of all the major degradation mechanisms for wood such as termites/insects, brown rot, white rot, soft-rot and other physical damage.

The instrument detects, analyses and records the signal of a series of stress waves entered into the pole by the hammer. 

THOR provides a condition estimate in less than 30 seconds!


The PortaSCAN® CA is a portable density gauge to identify variations in wood density. It is a safe, quick and simple tool to assist inspectors in understanding what lies beneath the surface of the timber they are examining.

Poles can be inspected full-height from the ground, and we can also inspect crossarms from the ground to look for hidden defects.

It is also applicable for practically any other wooden structural element (CLT, beams, piles, girders, corbels, plywood, etc.)

The output is immediately available to the inspector and is able to be recorded for later retrieval. This means that where a defect is located the operator can focus on that section to further quantify its size and effect on structural stability.

We all know the outer wall strength of poles is what is important and this is where  PortaSCAN® CA excels. With a scanning depth of up to 100mm, it is not only incredibly accurate but can provide a cross-section strength estimate in just 40 seconds. Defects are treated conservatively in strength calculation.

This technology gives a more detailed picture of the cross-section where there is an issue, and where it is accessible. It can detect the gamut of strength-loss mechanisms.

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