What was Revo Group contracted to do?

CitiPower & Powercor engaged Revo Group to assist in the assessment of several uniquely fabricated 66kV steel termination poles. The assessment was to include calculating the remaining strength and serviceability of the poles. These poles provide critical Underground to Overhead (UGOH) connections for Geelong and Melbourne.

CitiPower and Powercor (Powercor) are two of Australia’s largest electricity distribution networks, supplying power to over 1.1 million residential households and businesses across the state of Victoria. Powercor’s electricity network covers over 145,000 square kilometres including Melbourne’s CBD.

Why did the customer choose Revo Group?

Revo Group was chosen due to our extensive background in the inspection of steel poles, overhead line design (OHLD) and detailed structural assessment (including finite element analysis). Our ability to go back to first principles in situations like this and provide the most effective outcome for old, high value structures was a key factor in Powercor coming to us for assistance.

What was achieved and how did we do it?

Our team completed a full inspection assessment and developed an in-depth report for each of the termination poles for Powercor. This was accomplished by combining our range of services and expertise to bring together the full picture for Powercor. All this was completed with minimal site visits due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The first step of the process was to conduct an in-person visual inspection to highlight areas of concern for the poles around groundline. Lidar, photogrammetry and ultrasonic corrosion measurements were also captured in-person to collect the required data for a complete assessment.

This data was used by our engineering team to create 3D models in Neara, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, and in bespoke photogrammetry software provided by AUAV to check design loads and complete a detailed pole top condition assessment from all angles.

Inspection and UAV photos of poles

Benefits of the work completed?

Not many utilities have the internal expertise for every issue for every issue that is presented. The issue in this case was a lack of structural capacity information for the bespoke manufactured poles. The rarity of the poles in the network and the high-costs to work on them due to the oil filled cables, Powercor rightly reached out knowing our experience with similar issues.

By completing the inspection and engineering process for Powercor, it enables them to continue to serve their customers in the best way possible. Completing the detailed reports on each of the steel termination poles provided Powercor with insights and recommendations as to the true serviceability of the poles and remediation options and future inspection suggestions.

All of this combined to provide Powercor with the necessary data and information to make better decisions regarding the serviceability, maintenance plan and remaining life of each of the poles to reduce the risk of public health and shutdowns.

How can Revo Group help you?

The completion of this project allowed for the risk based decision to wait for the planned replacement of two heavily corroded poles, and the repair and painting of two more poles to cost effectively increase their life and reduce their risk of failure.

If you want to gain a greater understanding of your assets, give our team a call on 1800 511 836

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