What was Revo Group contracted to do?

Revo Group was contacted by Navara Projects to see if it was possible to remove a stay wire and ground anchor from a private property. The ground anchor was located approximately 8 metres inside the property boundary. Our engineering team was contracted to conduct an assessment into the pole’s serviceability without the ground anchor and communicate with the utility owning the asset.

Why did the customer choose Revo Group?

Navara Projects reached out to Revo Group as part of their process of talking to a list of qualified ASP3s. Upon discussion with Grant Bailey, our Senior Electrical Engineer, Navara found us to be the right engineers for the job. This was due to communication being conducted in an easy-to-understand manner and our willingness to look outside the box to come up with a solution that would satisfy Ausgrid and the customer.
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What was achieved and how did we do it?

At Revo Group, our team was able to convey to the residing utility, Ausgrid, that the pole still complied with current standards and safety measures without the use of the stay wire and ground anchor.

This outcome was achieved by first conducting a thorough site survey and assessment. The survey utilised an IKE4 GPS unit and DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to capture the required data for a detailed analysis. This initial assessment found that the pole was high in strength for the conductor loads attached to it. Then the pole was analysed in Neara line design software to determine its ability to meet standards without the stay wire. We also looked at what changes might be required to stringing tensions and adjacent poles on the tee-off that the stay was supporting so that we could present all viable options.

Our team then wrote a thorough engineering report to validate this proposal to Ausgrid and produced a design to support the report. The team at Ausgrid were impressed with the quality of the report and level of consideration for impacts on the network, and subsequently certified the design.

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Benefits of the work completed?

By choosing Revo Group, Navara Projects saved over $20,000 in construction costs. By utilising quality engineering at the beginning of the project, the assumption of pole replacement did not have to be followed. This outcome has also allowed the client to maintain flexibility in the building of their new development.

Here’s a quote from the client:

We found Grant amongst a list of qualified ASP3s in which we cold called until we found the right ASP3 for the job at hand. As soon as we had a chat with Grant, we knew he and Revo Group were the team we needed. Being the first time we have experienced this particular challenge, Grant explained to us (in English terms) exactly what was going on. Not only the process and potential solutions, but he was well aware of the cost and the need to try to keep it down where possible.

We certainly felt like a VIP with Grant keeping us updated every step of the way, the communication was well above our expectations. Being well versed in the process on both sides of the fence (ours and Ausgrid’s), this made the experience smooth and stress-free.

We would like to thank Grant and the team at Revo Group for their professional services and we do hope we can work with them again in the future. If any of our colleagues ask for any electrical engineering consulting, I know who I’ll be sending them to!

Rhys Lawson

Director, Navara Projects

How can Revo Group help you?

Revo Group are specialists in ASP3 design work. With expertise across electrical, environmental, geotechnical and structural elements of line design, our team can offer complete solutions for small electrical connections right up to high voltage transmission lines. Whether you are at the pre-tender stage, are ready to talk to a Network Service Provider (NSP), or in need of an accredited ASP3, the team at Revo Group are here to help you.

Find out more about the project profile via the download button below. Alternatively, you can check out our ASP3 page here.

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