At Revo Group, we practise the problem-solving methodology called Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science (CADS). We start with a comprehensive assessment of the problem and consider the future needs and ideal state. Then we employ creative strategies in design, and use science and engineering to develop an optimal solution. This might sound expensive, but it is actually the opposite when compared with others who just run the numbers and try and fit everything into a template.

We have extensive engineering expertise across a wide variety of applications. We provide training, consultancy, design, system and process setup, analysis, and forensic investigation just to name a few.


At Revo Group, we have engineering expertise in pole testing, inspector training, designer training, OHL design, foundation design, durability, asset management and forensic investigation for overhead lines and streetlights.

​By taking a holistic approach to reliability, from design for strength and durability to efficient and high-quality inspection systems and data capture, we save you time and money on network management costs, design, standards development to AS/NZS 7000 and asset management system development to ISO 55000.

Our engineering expertise is a critical aspect of why we provide the best value for money in the business. We can design processes and procedures around your existing practises and tools to give you outstanding outcomes.

Get help before the safety issues start. It is always more cost effective to improve your systems before the safety incidents occur.

Want to know where there is room for improvement and where the biggest bang-for-buck is? Get in contact with us and we can review your current practises against best practise.

Power Lines Pro

We now provide assistance to Power Lines Pro for their technical support, sales and training. We are excited about this new partnership. Head over to our PLP page and follow us on socials to keep up to date with this.

Other Areas

We also apply our unique expertise in timber and general material design and durability to assist other industries. For instance, we can provide design, inspection, risk assessment and certification for pile foundations, wharves, jetties, domestic and commercial buildings, etc. If you want to find out more, contact us today.

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