We specialise in the unknown. Do you have big, complex questions that need to be answered? Are there complex asset management systems that need to be benchmarked, reviewed or upgraded? How about large scale infrastructure design and management projects that require both a broad and detailed understanding at the same time? That is what we do.

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Revo Group Engineering Services

At Revo Group, we understand that your situation and project requirements are unique to you. That is why our philosophy is to tailor our engineering services to deliver the best outcome for your specific circumstance. We operate with the knowledge that no one solution fits all and the total cost of ownership as well as up-front costs are of critical importance. One of our specialties is the power utility industry and we work with all utilities. Each has a history that makes their requirements unique.

We assess all project challenges like location, accessibility, environment, existing infrastructure, data availability, existing services, tricky foundations, decay, corrosion, durability and constraints. Our strong and versatile team is committed to providing the best service to you with the goal of delivering safe, reliable and cost-effective infrastructure.

Who are we?

At Revo Group, our experienced engineering team can work with you on your tailored project to develop a solution that is right for you. The clients we work with operate in a range of different industries including mining, commercial, utilities, water & wastewater, mineral processing, civil construction, local government and residential.

Our team is dedicated to finding the best outcome for each project we undertake – ensuring that all requirements are met and regular communication is maintained. At Revo Group, we pride ourselves on creating a revolution in reliability. This means we use experience in forensic engineering, inspection and design for durability to provide designs that maximise the reliability and minimise the cost of ownership of your asset. This is supported through our understanding of construction and maintenance practices from construction through to end of life.

Pull Down Destructive Testing Australia

How we do what we do?

We practise the problem-solving methodology called Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science (CADS). Our CADS process acknowledges trends, principles, data, and best practices to build the most effective solution to your situation with the goal of long-term reliability. This may sound fancy, but it basically allows us to drill down to the key requirements very quickly and minimises the number of iterations and design changes that other engineers go through.

At Revo Group, our CADS method starts with a comprehensive assessment of the problem and considers your future needs and ideal state. We then employ creative strategies in design, using science and engineering to develop an optimal solution. While CADS may sound expensive, the results mean that it is actually the opposite. When compared to other methods that just run the numbers and try to fit everything into a template, CADS will often, if not always, cost less.

The Revo Group Difference

Revo Group provides engineering services across a whole host of different fields. It is this wide range of expertise, flexibility and adaptability that allows us to provide the best value for money in the business. We can design processes, procedures and solutions around your existing practises, tools and assets to give you the best outcome for your business.

Overhead Line Design Icon

Overhead Line Design

Faster design, less iterations and cost-effective outcomes for ASP3 designs. Our lead engineers were both involved in the AS/NZS 7000.

Destructive Testing Icon

Destructive Testing

Destructive testing of all types of power poles in Oceania. Over 900 pole tests. Get the information you actually need for strength and NDT assessment.

Civil & Structural Design Icon

Civil & Structural Design

General civil/structural design services for utilities, mining, heavy industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Durability Icon


We have significant experience in specifying protective systems for corrosive environments, fire, thermal insulation, abrasion and impact resistance.

Foundation Design Icon

Save millions compared to AS/NZS 7000 Brinch Hansen foundation design while still satisfying the standards. Proven to be more accurate and lower cost.

Asset Management Icon

Asset Management

Our experience in inspection, forensic investigation, first principles design and complex system assessment can save you time and millions of dollars.

Training Icon

Market leading overhead line design training, power pole inspector training and training for foundation design.

Process Audit Icon

Process Audit

We will give you a detailed comparison to industry standards, current knowledge and best practice. Specialities include utility pole inspection and design processes.

Standards Development Icon

Standards Development

We provide standards, manuals, policies and other documentation for your processes. Specialities include pole inspection, overhead power line design and foundation design.

Forensic Investigation Icon

Forensic Investigation

Specialist forensic services in the areas of power pole failure, timber retaining wall failure and general steel structural failures.

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