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Is your team using the right tools and technology to accurately inspect your infrastructure project? Does your Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment provide you with fast, accurate and reliable results that are easily reproducible?

Does your inspection process need updating to include the latest in high quality NDT equipment or an inspection team you can trust?

Rail Inspection Tools Revo Group
Australian Rail Tools for Inspections

The rail industry is seeing growing demand in its use. To meet safety measures, accurate, regular and repeatable inspection processes are required. The use of high-tech and easy-to-use NDT tools can make this process simpler than ever before.

To find out more about our rail inspection services, including rail welds tests, rolling stock, rail wheels, machinery and locomotive inspections, head to our Rail Inspection page here.

At Revo Group, we stay on the cutting edge of NDT to make sure we only offer the best NDT technology and recommend the right tools for each application.

NDT Tools We Distribute and Support

Revo Group Innerspec VOLTA

Innerspec VOLTA

The VOLTA is the latest portable ultrasonic instrument developed by Innerspec Technologies. The device has been specifically designed for Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) applications. It is a powerful, compact fast scanning device, with the main power unit mounted in a backpack, and a new interface and tablet for ease of use and visualisation of results. The VOLTA can be employed in rail inspections to detect brake burns and cracks in the head of the rail.

Benefits of the Innerspec VOLTA:

  • 2 ultrasonic channels for EMAT.
  • Reflection technique allows for inspecting the head of the rail.
  • Detection of cracks and laminations as small as 2mm deep.
  • Optional ergonomic backpack and MOLLE pouches for easy transportation of the instrument and all sensors.
Powerbox H Rail Inspection Device

Innerspec Powerbox H

The Powerbox H is a lightweight, portable inspection device that can measure the residual stress in critical components and rail wheels. The bespoke stress measurement tool is installed onto the item, providing a portable solution that can be easily be used in the field and on the factory floor, with fast, easy-to-use reporting capabilities.

Benefits of the Innerspec Powerbox H:

  • No couplant EMAT technique.
  • No beam steering errors.
  • Built-in reporting.
  • Lightweight for easy portability.
  • Orthogonal wave beams.
  • Dual EMAT sensor allows for instant acquisition of stress values avoiding transducer rotation and facilitating user intervention.
  • High performance semi-automatic sensor positioning guarantees extended accuracy (0.1mm) compared to manual handling.

The Revo Group Difference

While there are other options to explore when looking for a solution, most have limitations on capability, restrictions on the platform or you are tied into their way of thinking. At Revo Group, we believe in a conversation that results in the best combination of tools for use by your asset managers and your inspectors.

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