Rail Inspection

The Australian Rail Industry is rapidly evolving and looking to the NDT industry for solutions to improve efficiency and reduce failures.

At Revo Group, we recognise how crucial it is for expertise in non-destructive testing for the rail industry and that is why we offer our services.

The rail industry requires an array of NDT tools to perform at its most efficient. From rail welds to residual stresses in rail wheels, locomotive and rolling stock components to turn outs, there are so many assets that need to be managed and tested.


At Revo Group, we understand how crucial testing of assets can be in the rail industry. After all, the threat of failure is serious. In addition to general wear and tear from consistent use, all assets are exposed to the harsh natural environments of the unique Australian landscape.

Why are rail inspection services important?

All areas of the Australian rail industry are being increasingly pushed to its limit. Take for example in Pilbara, where iron ore trains are running at peak capacity to increase efficiency and meet demands. With elevated economic pressures from recent world politics, the rail industry is under enormous pressure to operate as efficiently as possible. Failures, whether minor or major, simply cannot be afforded.

With this increasing pressure, testing to prevent or reduce failures is paramount. Revo Group has experience using NDT tools to perform a range of tests to ensure operational efficiency and risk minimisation. See the video below for a demonstration of the Innerspec Rail Wheel Residual Stress Test Kit that has been used by Revo Group to assess the internal rail wheel stresses quickly and accurately in heavy duty iron ore rail wheels.

Video: Rail Wheel Residual Stress Inspection

We also support the rail industry with advanced ultrasonic techniques to inspect flash butt and aluminothermic rail welds, turnouts, locomotive and rolling stock components. At Revo Group, we have highly experienced NDT Technicians ready to deploy to the most remote locations to keep the rail industry rolling!

We have the technology and experience to detect defects and prevent failures before they cause a catastrophe.

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